About Dirt Man

Dirt Man is a locally owned and family operated business.  We have served
the Northland for over 20 years.

We believe in offering our customers bulk landscape supplies at reasonable
prices picked up or delivered.  You won't find bagged products at our store!

Dirt Man started out on North Oak with a one-room shanty and a pile of dirt.    
Development took over at the North Oak location and  Dirt Man relocated to
Riverside, Missouri in the old car wash.  The  shanty made the move as well
but soon turned into a storage shed. The office operated out of the tunnel in
the old car wash.  Dirt Man took the washing bays and turned them into
covered storage bins for dirt.  We were one of the FIRST in the Kansas City
area to give customers and contractors dry dirt after a rainy day.   

Often imitated but never duplicated Dirt Man survived the flood of '93 with
waters reaching the edge of the property.  The Army Corp of Engineers set-up
shop in the parking lot and Dirt Man became command central as the people
of Riverside held their breath.   The local animals made the parking lot their
home as well during the flood.  One visitor  noted it looked like a wildlife

The third Saturday in September is Customer Appreciation Day and coincides
with the Riverside, Missouri,  Fall Festival.  Stop by Dirt Man for drinks, food,
and fun.  Ever wanted to hang out with Dirt Man?  Now is your chance!
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